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Scott Kapuscinski

Scott Kapuscinski started playing drums at age 10. His early years were lots of marching band rudiments and pop-punk. He drummed for M.O.H. (Miscreants on Holiday) in Memphis for several years. In college at UT Knoxville, he played at house parties and impromptu jams. He went to Italy where he was influenced by the traditional pizzica.

He returned to Knoxville and played experimental rock with Dinosaur: Insect: Manta Ray. Then he toured with CoolRunnings and is featured on the album Dracula is Only the Beginning. He also played and toured with Marina Orchestra, including their appearance at Bonnaroo, as well as surf rockers (The) Mutations. He played on two records with Mutations before moving to New York.

Scott started playing with T-10 after meeting guitarist Rob Gunther at Queens College. He also plays in The Holy Smokes, based in Brooklyn.  



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